Below you will find materials that presbytery clerks and other presbytery members may find helpful.  These downloads are available in the formats indicated.

File NameCommentsDue DatePDFWord DocZip
2024 Presbytery Clerks HandbookZip file includes forms as separate Word and PDF files.updated 1-11-2024PDF
Due Dates for 2024 General Assembly ItemsPDF
2023 BCO AmendmentsSent down to presbyteries by 2023 GAN/APDF
2023 BCO Amendments-Korean TranslationSent down to presbyteries by 2023 GAN/APDF
2023 BCO Amendments – Voting Form OnlyReturn vote prior to 2024 GAPDFDOC
2023 RAO ChangesFor Information OnlyPDF
2023 OMSJC ChangesFor Information OnlyPDF
General Assembly Directory2024 rosters of GA level committeesPDF
Fall Nominations Packet*For 2024 GAZip
053 Report of Appointees to Nominating Committee and RPRFor 51st GA

NC meets
March 23, 2024

RPR meets
May 29 - 31, 2024
059 Summary of NominationsFor 51st GAPDF DOC
060 Nominee Biographical FormFor 51st GAPDF DOC
064 Report of Appointees to CoC (odd)For 51st GAPDF DOC
065 Report of Appointees to CoC (even)For 51st GAPDF DOC
067 Report of Appointees to Floor Clerk and Communion ElderFor 51st GAPDF DOC
069 Nominations Process OverviewAn overview and helpful tips about the nominations process.PDF
022 Official Change of Presbytery Rolls – MinistersFor Presbytery Clerks UsePDFDOC
023 Official Change of Presbytery Rolls – ChurchesFor Presbytery Clerks UsePDFDOC
090 Sample Form for Terms of CallAppendix J of BCOPDFDOC
Housing Allowance Resolution FormProvided by Geneva Benefits GroupPDF
RPR ReportFrom 2023 GAPDF
2023 Response to Exceptions FormFrom 2023 GADOC
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PCA 50th Celebration LogoLink to logo files
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Helpful Tools
Other Resources
New Jersey Presbytery Nominations Communication SamplePDF
Chesapeake Presbytery
Judicial Committee Manual
Helpful Tools from 2023 Presbytery Clerks ConferenceMinutes Training - Ric SpringerPDF
Procedural Outline for Judicial Process - Per AlmquistPDF
Transcription Service Providers - Per AlmquistPDF
Avoiding Procedural Errors in Judicial Cases - Dr. Roy TaylorPDF
Historical Preservation for Your Presbytery - PCA Historical CenterPDF
Meeting Template for Presbytery - Bob HornickPDFDOC
New Clerks Handout - Per AlmquistPDF
RPR Flow Chart - Eddie LimPDF

File NameCommentsPDFZip
Session Clerks HandbookZip file includes forms as separate Word and PDF files.PDFZip

*This packet includes all the nomination forms on this page along with detailed information about all nominations and appointment processes.  You will find informational sheets, current appointees, and a current directory of GA level committees and agencies.