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Promoting the Unity, Purity,
and Mission
of the PCA

Since 1973, the Administrative Committee has connected and convened the Presbyterian Church in America. We serve churches, presbyteries, and the General Assembly with timely advice and action to keep its ministries moving forward.

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2022 General Assembly

The Priority of the Visible Church

The Church is the body of Christ. We don’t exist to perpetuate a legacy. Rather, we exist “for the gathering and perfecting of the saints.” Discover how the Administrative Committee helps the PCA operate as Christ’s body.

A Long Journey of Faithfulness

Andy Raynor chuckles when he says Wilson Presbyterian Church, where he pastors, is “conveniently located off of I-95.” He knows it sounds like a line from a commercial, but Andy loves his church and hometown and will tell anyone willing to listen.

Behind the Scenes

 A Report of the PCA Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee gives thanks for the gifts of Christ’s church that help us facilitate and further united faithfulness for the Kingdom goals of our Ascended Lord. Every year, generous churches and individuals share their resources so we can continue to help the PCA further its unity, purity, and mission. Read our Annual Report now.

Ukraine Captured Larry’s Heart

For months, Ukraine has captured the world’s attention. But since 1998, it has captured Larry Roff’s heart. After visiting Ukraine with a team of PCA pastors and pastors’ wives, he says, “God did something in my heart…I fell in love with the people. I fell in love with the country.” As the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, we spoke with Larry to ask what PCA members can do to help.

Help make the PCA 50th Anniversary a Celebration of Thanksgiving

A 50th PCA Anniversary is a testimony to our Lord’s maintaining a Body of Christ committed to His inerrant Word and His sovereign mission for saving the lost. In 2023, the 50th General Assembly will meet in Memphis, Tennessee, and PCA members are planning toward this marker of God’s provision. We hope you will join with us to make this a special celebration.

One Denomination.

Multiple Languages.

More than ten percent of PCA churches, presbyteries, and teaching elders are Korean-American. The prevalence and growth of Korean Americans in the PCA isn’t a recent phenomenon. It was four decades ago when the first Korean-language presbytery was formed. However, it was only seven years ago when teaching elder Dr. Lloyd Kim, a Korean-American, was elected Coordinator of Mission to the World and just five years ago that the first Korean-American, ruling elder Alex Jun, was elected to serve as Moderator of the 45th General Assembly…

Everything You Need to Know About General Assembly 2022: “Purified to Proclaim”

Periodically, a group of people from all over the world come together for a unifying event that is so complex it takes four years to plan out. No, we’re not talking about the Olympics. We’re talking about the General Assembly (GA) of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). 

Big Ministry in Small Places: One Pastor’s Reflections on Seeing the Gospel Take Root in a Small Town

For some, Trenton would no doubt be seen as a pass-through town, a place you’d drive through on your way to somewhere “more important.” But for Hutch Garmany, Trenton is a place filled with men and women who have been created in the image of God, a place that needs the gospel of Jesus just as much as any other city…

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