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Since 1973, the Administrative Committee has connected and convened the Presbyterian Church in America. We serve churches, presbyteries, and the General Assembly with timely advice and action to keep its ministries moving forward.

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What Can $9.34 Do?

God is using the PCA to advance His gospel around the world and build Christ’s church. If every PCA church gave $9.34 per month per member (or $112 per year per member), the overhead expenses of every PCA agency and committee could be fully funded. It’s just that simple.

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3 Important Aspects of the Administrative Committee’s Mission

The Administrative Committee is privileged to provide churches, presbyteries, and the General Assembly with the expertise and coordination needed to keep our ministries moving forward together during the current crisis. As “a service committee to the General Assembly and the denomination,” we are not setting the agenda for the PCA. Rather, we are making sure its agenda is accomplished.

Inside the Numbers of the PCA With John Robertson

In Covid-affected 2020, we have worked hard to cut our budgeted expenses by almost 25%, and as we look to 2021, several variables still confront us. The largest variable is “will we have General Assembly this next year?”

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