The AC promotes the unity, purity, and mission of the PCA.

  • Unity. We serve by facilitating communication and coordination for all PCA ministries.
  • Purity. We serve by helping every court, committee, and agency comply with our constitutional standards.
  • Mission. We serve by providing churches and presbyteries with resources and tools to advance their ministry and mission.

The PCA depends on the AC and the AC depends on generous churches and individuals to fund and sustain its work. You can give generally to the AC or to specific work like study committees and special projects. Every church is encouraged to support the committees and agencies through partnership sharesTo learn more about the work of the Administrative Committee and review financial statements please refer to the 2022 Annual Fund.

Special Project Donations

The General Assembly often creates a special project that is funded exclusively through designated gifts. You may either donate online or by mailing a check. Current special projects are:

  • Spanish and Portuguese BCO Translation
  • PCA 50th Celebration

Partnership Shares

“Partnership Shares” describes the amount of money needed to cover the anticipated total expenses of a ministry minus earned income and minus funds designated to specific individuals who are missionaries, church planters, campus ministers, and staff (unless the ministry also guarantees the full compensation of the employee), as well as specific capital funds or similar designated monies.

See the Partnership Shares passed by General Assembly.

Why should I give to the PCA? Find out by reading our Challenge to Partnership.

Mail checks to: 

PCA Administrative Committee
1700 North Brown Road
Suite 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Distributions include

  • PCA Administrative Committee
  • Spanish and Portuguese BCO Translation
  • PCA 50th Celebration
  • AC Annual Adminstration Fee for Ministers
  • byFaith Magazine
  • Presbytery Host Committee Contribution
  • PCA Historical Center
  • Any of the General Assembly Committees and Agencies:

Be sure to include your distribution with your check, or mark in the memo line “Distribute by Partnership Shares”.

Pay Your Administrative Fee for Ministers

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1700 North Brown Road
Suite 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043


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