Small Town and Rural Ministry Resources



2019 PCA General Assembly seminar “Small Churches in Small Towns – Big Ministry Where You Least Expect to Find It”



Resources for Ministry in Small Towns and Rural Communities – helpful lists of books, websites, and training materials to support and encourage small town and rural church ministry.



Bent Tree is a ministry part of Mission to North America, and offers gatherings for “rest, wisdom, and fellowship” for pastors. Small town and rural pastors may find these gatherings helpful. For more information on gatherings, go to .

PCA published statistics indicate 1928 churches and mission churches in the PCA in 2020. Of those, at least 45% have 125 members or fewer. This number includes smaller churches in urban areas and big towns as well as in small towns and rural areas. The actual number of small churches that fit in the “small town and rural area” range is not definite, since what constitutes a small town is somewhat subjective. For the purposes of the resources on this webpage, the focus is on small towns not part of a larger urban or metro population.

For further information, or for questions regarding ministry in smaller PCA churches in small towns and rural communities, please email