The Whole Church

A Letter from Bryan

The Whole Church

Christ’s unmerited love for us leads us, in turn, to love for the visible church he has chosen to represent him – despite our imperfections. When our hearts and minds grasp that God has made an irrevocable covenant to love us based upon his mercy rather than our merit, then we respond to this grace with profound love for our Savior and his people, gathered together in his body. We see with new eyes Christ’s tender love for the church in the ways it is referenced throughout the Bible as Christ’s bride, temple, and treasure.

The Administrative Committee exists to help steward this treasure of our Savior, so that the whole church can carry out our Savior’s priorities. The whole church means every congregation within the PCA and also the entire denomination as it functions as a unified body. By providing essential services across the PCA, we enable churches to concentrate on worship, mercy, and teaching ministries, so that Christ’s glory spreads his gospel.

As you will see in the pages that follow, the Administrative Committee requires human and financial resources to coordinate resources and relationships so that every church, presbytery, agency, and committee can effectively reach people with the message of Christ’s grace. Our hope is to see every part of the PCA joined together and working properly “so that it builds itself up in love” (Eph. 4:16).

The whole church depends on the Administrative Committee for vital connectivity and the Administrative Committee depends on the whole church for financial support. Every dollar donated to the Administrative Committee helps to further the peace, purity, and mission of the church. We are so thankful for the generous churches and individuals whose faithful contributions make it possible for us to serve our shared mission of glorifying our Savior and spreading his gospel.

Please join me in praying that God would continue to mature and grow the whole church in its commitment to God’s Word, God’s people, and God’s mission.

Dr. Bryan Chapell

Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in America

The PCA Administrative Committee promotes the peace, purity, and mission of the PCA. We provide churches, presbyteries, and the Assembly with the expertise and action needed to keep its ministries moving forward.

We don’t set the agenda for the PCA;
we just help make sure its agenda is accomplished.


  • Churches are strengthened as our online directory facilitates visitor connection.
  • Ministry growth is supported through our pastor search service.
  • Elders receive counsel on ministry and polity matters from our seasoned staff.
  • Churches seeking non-profit status apply through us.
  • Diverse leadership is welcomed and resourced through BCO translations in multiple languages.
  • Resources like byFaith offer rich teaching, timely PCA news, and ministry resources.


  • Presbytery effectiveness is enhanced with clerk training, peer support, and specialized counsel.
  • The purity of our Church is advanced in the Review of Presbytery Records, coordinated and supported by the AC.

PCA Assembly and beyond

  • PCA ministry and decision-making are enabled through General Assembly and its committee meetings organized by the AC.
  • Doctrinal purity and judicial integrity are guarded by the Standing Judicial Commission; its meetings planned and supported by our staff.
  • Christ’s work is advanced beyond the PCA through online resources, pastor search aid, and fostering relationships with Reformed denominations globally.

Our Financials

Our 2025 Budget

The Funding Sources Which Make the Services of the Administrative Committee Possible

Our 2025 Budget

How the Administrative Committee Allocates Resources for Ministry

How Can You Help?

The Administrative Committee Depends on Your Generosity!

Churches – We depend on you the most!

Please contribute either 0.35% of your church’s tithes and offerings OR $8 per member

Individuals – We rely on you!

In 2023, over $275,000 in donations were given by individuals.

Ways to Give


By Mail

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