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3 Important Aspects of the Administrative Committee’s Mission

Our Mission

The Administrative Committee is privileged to provide churches, presbyteries, and the General Assembly with the expertise and coordination needed to keep our ministries moving forward together during the current crisis. As “a service committee to the General Assembly and the denomination,” we are not setting the agenda for the PCA. Rather, we are making sure its agenda is accomplished. To use a football analogy, we are not the coaches or players as much as we are the stadium managers and event coordinators. 

rope iconWe promote unity.

We facilitate coordination and collaboration so the various parts of the church function as one body by providing administrative support to the following:


water drop iconWe promote purity.

We help Christ’s church to remain faithful to her Biblical commitments by enabling these groups to carry out their constitutional responsibilities: 

  • Standing Judicial Commission
  • Review of Presbytery Records
  • Theological Examining Committee
  • Committee on Constitutional Business


cog of wheel iconWe promote progress.

We help churches and presbyteries keep their ministries moving forward and mission progressing through:



As a service committee, we are privileged to assist in advancing the Lord’s work through the multiple ministries of our denomination. Even during 2020, every ministry of the PCA has been able to continue (with appropriate adjustments) its gospel mission. We postponed convening our 48th General Assembly, but its work and planning continue – as must the work of the entire church.

The Administrative Committee assists in all these efforts through the generous support of individuals and churches, which enables us to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to us. As the year draws to an end, please prayerfully consider a gift to the PCA Administrative Committee so that it might continue to serve the mission and ministry of the whole church. 

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