The Priority of the Visible Church

The church is visible. As our Savior took on flesh in his Advent, the Church takes on flesh in carrying out his purposes. It meets, sings, prays, preaches, elects officers, breaks bread, baptizes members, and enjoys fellowship. Our visible existence is ordained by the One who became visible for our sake. Though our fellowship is spiritual, it is also expressed in tangible aspects of his grace that enable our world to see Christ’s nature.

In a day when religion has been confined to the individual, the PCA is committed to the corporate Church that is designed to express Christ’s care. The Church isn’t a relic of western culture. The Church is the body of Christ. We don’t exist to perpetuate a legacy. Rather, we exist  “for the gathering and perfecting of the saints.”

At the Administrative Committee, we have the privilege of helping the PCA operate as Christ’s body. We help provide churches, presbyteries, and the Assembly with the expertise and action needed to keep its ministries moving forward. We don’t set the agenda for the PCA. We work to ensure its agenda is accomplished.

Every year, the PCA faces different challenges as it seeks to carry out Christ’s mission. Some challenges are spiritual while others are more practical. Every church has faced the reality of rising inflation this year. Every dollar in the offering plate no longer goes as far as it once did. It costs more to travel, keep the lights on, borrow money for building projects, and compensate staff.

The Administrative Committee has felt this financial constraint as well. Though we’ve been blessed with our largest General Assembly ever, it was also our most expensive Assembly in one of the most expensive years on record. Our capable team has been diligent in managing expenses, but inflation lies outside their control. We need generous individuals and churches to help us finish the year in a position of strength so that we can be the body that well represents our Lord.

We need your support to further the purity, unity, and mission of the PCA.

Would you prayerfully consider making a $100 donation so the PCA can continue to operate as a body that honors the Lord who came to give his body and bless ours?

We recognize that every gift is sacrificial. The Gift that came to us in Christ’s Advent certainly reminds us of this. So, every gift is appreciated! Your donation furthers the work of the whole body. We’re grateful for your partnership in this gospel purpose.