How the AC Helps Train and Resource New Clerks

There’s drinking from a firehose and then there’s becoming a new clerk.

In November of 2023, Eric Manthei, a ruling elder at Riverside Church in Beaumont, Texas, became the newly appointed Stated Clerk of Houston Metro Presbytery. An IT consultant by day, he was excited about the prospect to serve his presbytery in a new way.

Soon after, Eric traveled to Lawrenceville, GA to attend the Administrative Committee’s “boot camp training” for new clerks, followed by the annual Clerks Conference. He described it as “a whirlwind” experience, offering invaluable opportunities for networking and learning.

There, Eric learned from fellow clerks and immersed himself in the intricacies of PCA governance. “I got to meet a lot of people who really know what’s being asked of us in this role,” he recounted. He also spent time getting to know the staff of the AC.

As a new clerk, Eric quickly realized the complexities of the issues that arise and the need for support—both from the AC and other clerks. “Few things are as clean as you might hope for them to be…It’s just nice knowing that there’s a network of people who are interested in helping and seeing everyone succeed.”

One of the most significant revelations for Eric was witnessing the dedication and selflessness of those involved in supporting clerks. “The effort and the care are very encouraging to see and to feel,” he shared. “There’s so many people who are just giving of themselves.”

“The effort and the care are very encouraging to see and to feel.”

Beyond formal events, Eric praised the AC for its responsiveness and assistance in navigating the intricacies of his role. “I have had to reach out asking for clarification and help on a few things,” he recalled. “They’ve just been very responsive, which I very much appreciate.”

In Eric’s eyes, the behind-the-scenes work of the AC is indispensable to the clerks, churches, and presbyteries of the PCA. “The value of the AC is that they’re like an aggregator,” he said. “We have all these churches, ministries, pastors, and clerks. Someone has to help organize it all. Without the AC, it would be a mess. I’m not really sure what would happen, frankly. To me, it’s a critical role that they’re in.”

“Without the AC, it would be a mess.”

Every church and minister in the PCA depends on their clerk to help coordinate and communicate the work of the presbytery. And every presbytery clerk depends on the Administrative Committee. We coordinate resources and relationships for clerks so every presbytery can effectively reach people with the message of Christ’s grace.

We are proud to support the vital work of clerks like Eric, so that the church may flourish and bear witness to the gospel.