Update #2 on General Assembly (4/3)

If you booked a room through our room block at the Sheraton or Westin, you may have recently received a communication by email or text. We are sorry for this premature communication – our partners at the hotels are also facing staffing and resource shortages, and we keep them in our prayers. The Administrative Committee has not yet met but has now scheduled a called meeting for Monday, April 13 – we have more information about that in our previous communication below. We will continue to update everyone as decisions are made.

What you need to do now – if the General Assembly proceeds as planned, we will work with the hotels to be sure your room reservations are honored. At this point there is no need to reach out to the hotel or to the Administrative Committee. Once a decision is made regarding General Assembly, we will alert everyone. If the GA is postponed, at that point more hotel information will made available.

Again – we are sorry for this premature communication from our partners at the hotels, and are working with them to make sure everyone’s reservations are cared for.

Update #1 on General Assembly (4/3)

A special meeting of the Administrative Committee (AC) has been called for April 13. The committee will meet virtually to consider a recommendation from the Moderator, Ruling Elder J. Howard Donahoe, and the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, Dr. L. Roy Taylor, to postpone the 48th General Assembly scheduled to meet in Birmingham, Alabama on June 15-19, 2020. The Moderator and Stated Clerk are making this recommendation in the interests of the health and safety of PCA commissioners and their families.

The Administrative Committee cannot act earlier than April 13 because RAO 4-14 requires a ten-day notice for a special meeting. Moreover, the AC Business Manager, John Robertson, and Meeting Planner, Amanda Burton, have been in negotiations with the convention center and hotels, and needed to confer with the Host Committee of Evangel Presbytery.

The Moderator, Stated Clerk, and staff have been monitoring the situation since the pandemic has spread and restrictions upon gatherings have been put in place. There is a provision in our Rules of Assembly Operations (RAO) for the AC to make alternative arrangements for a meeting of the General Assembly when the Moderator and the Stated Clerk make such a recommendation to the AC (RAO 10-6).

We are grateful that the Host Committee of Evangel Presbytery has responded so well to this crisis. We will communicate the decision of the Administrative Committee after its meeting on April 13.

Please consider joining us this month in praying for the church, nation, and world during this crisis. We also invite you to join with other denominations for a special day of prayer and fasting on Good Friday, April 10. You can find out more about both of these special prayer events here: https://pcaga.org/prayer/

Update on General Assembly (3/27)


We know many of you are curious about whether the 48th General Assembly scheduled for June 16-19, 2020 in Birmingham will continue as planned. A decision has not been made, but we want to answer some common questions about how the decision will be made and the impact of a postponement on our work as a denomination.

Is the Assembly required to meet annually?

Yes. BCO 14-2 states, “The General Assembly, which is a permanent court, shall meet at least annually upon its own adjournment.”

But, the Rules of Assembly Operation have a contingency clause to account for extraordinary circumstances. According to RAO 10-6, “In case of extraordinary events occurring or unusual circumstances arising that make it impractical for the General Assembly to hold its annual stated meeting on the dates or at the site previously approved by the Assembly, the Moderator with the Administrative Committee shall be authorized, upon the recommendation of the Stated Clerk and Moderator, to make alternative arrangements.”

When will a decision be made regarding the 48th General Assembly?

The next important date in the decision-making process regarding the 48th General Assembly is April 23 when the Administrative Committee will have its normally scheduled meeting virtually due to the crisis. The current situation is fluid and the decision could be accelerated as local, state, or federal officials impose regulations about large gatherings, but at this time the AC does not have a special called meeting on its schedule to consider the matter (RAO 4-14).

Who will be part of the decision-making process?

Besides the Administrative Committee and any special regulations imposed by governing authorities, two other parties will have a part in the decision-making process:

  • The Moderator and the Stated Clerk will be part of the process as required by RAO 10-6 previously cited.
  • We will also consult the local host committee from Evangel Presbytery who will have a significant voice in the decision-making process. They have worked for over a year to put this event together and are more familiar with the way the current crisis has impacted Birmingham and their volunteers.

According to RAO 10-1, “Final approval of all decisions regarding the Assembly shall rest in the Administrative Committee.”

The Moderator and the Stated Clerk have not yet made a recommendation to the Administrative Committee.

The Administrative Committee will also take into account that many presbyteries will have cancelled their spring meetings when they might normally take action on items pertaining to the Assembly (BCO amendments, overtures, etc.).

If postponed, what happens to the business scheduled for the 48th General Assembly?

All the overtures and business scheduled to be dealt with in Birmingham would be postponed until the 48th General Assembly is able to convene.

If postponed, when will the 48th General Assembly convene?

RAO 10-6 empowers the Administrative Committee to make alternative arrangements based upon the recommendation of the Moderator and Stated Clerk. Though we are investigating all options, the most likely outcome is we would not have a General Assembly in 2020 and the 48th General Assembly would convene in St. Louis on June 29-July 2, 2021.

What about the Moderator?

In the event of a postponement, the Moderator of the 47th General Assembly, RE Howie Donahoe, remains the Moderator until the 48th General Assembly convenes and elects a new Moderator. If Mr. Donahoe is unable to be present when the Assembly gathers, the Stated Clerk shall call the assembly to order (RAO 2-2).

What about the Stated Clerk nominee?

Dr. L. Roy Taylor, the current Stated Clerk, has submitted his resignation to be effective June 30, 2020, so the PCA would have a Stated Clerk Pro Tem. The Administrative Committee has nominated Dr. Bryan Chapell to serve as the next Stated Clerk. If the assembly is postponed, the Administrative Committee will be required to appoint a provisional replacement for the position who must be examined and approved by the Theological Examining Committee (RAO 4-17). Dr. Chapell has already been examined and approved by the Theological Examining Committee when he was in a leadership role at Covenant Theological Seminary.

If postponed, what happens to registration fees already paid?
The postponement of the 48th General Assembly poses significant financial problems for the Administrative Committee and potentially for all General Assembly Committees and Agencies. The General Assembly is the largest cost center in the AC budget – more staff time, resources, and expenses are allocated to the preparation, execution, and reaction to the General Assembly than any other portion of the AC’s ministry.  Even if we aren’t executing this year’s General Assembly, there are still costs associated with preparation – and reaction to the postponement! 

The Administrative Committee has contracts with vendors for the Birmingham event, some of which have been in place for months and even years. We will have to honor these contracts while also facing a loss of revenue. Moreover, it is still uncertain whether we will be released from our contract with the convention center and hotels without penalty.

To put things in perspective, the 48th General Assembly is one of the largest conventions the convention center will host this year, according to their report to us. To put on an event of this size, we incur expenses exceeding $600,000 before the Assembly ever convenes. Much of this money cannot be recouped – staff has already worked, travel to prepare has already occurred, registration material has already been printed… and the list goes on.

In Dallas last year we incurred expenses of $729,000 which was covered by registrations of $757,000.  Imagine trying to pay these expenses without registrations!  If we cancel the General Assembly this year, we estimate a loss occurring in the range of $450,000-$500,000.  We are working to determine how much of the expenses can be avoided at this date, but without the suggested contributions these expenses will be very damaging. 

To preserve the financial viability of future Assemblies, we will ask every registered commissioner to donate their registration fee. In doing so, it will become a charitable donation  and a receipt would be issued to reflect it as such. This request would be in keeping with the spirit of RAO 18-1, “Each congregation of the denomination shall be encouraged each year to make a specific subscription donation to assist in defraying the expenses of the General Assembly, whether a commissioner is sent to the Assembly or not.”

We understand everyone is experiencing the impact of the economic downturn, including local churches. We are also mindful of the financial distress being experienced by hotel workers, restaurant staff, and vendors who depend on events like the Assembly for their livelihood. If we were to refund each registration fee, it would create a severe financial hardship that could leave the Administrative Committee financially incapable of carrying out their mission assignments.

What about special committees and study committees?

There are a number of special committees whose work is pivotal to the function of the Assembly, especially the Nominating Committee, Review of Presbytery Records, and the Committee on Constitutional Business. The Administrative Committee has already made arrangements for these committees to conduct their work virtually this year.  

These committees would still meet this year and complete at least part of their work. But please note, a postponement would not change the fact that presbyteries are required to submit their minutes annually for review.  Some work on the reviews will take place this year.

 Any study committee reports scheduled for the Assembly in Birmingham would be presented when the Assembly convenes next, though, as has been the case in the past, their reports may be published when they are completed by the committee.

What about matters requiring annual approval?
According to our constitution, some matters require approval by the Assembly annually including budgets and the coordinators of the various denominational committees.

Annual Reports. According to RAO 12-1, “The permanent Committees and Agencies, special committees, and ad interim committees of the Assembly shall make annual reports.” Of course, these reports can only be made if there is an Assembly who can receive them. If the Assembly is postponed, the Permanent Committees and Agencies can still publish an annual report but it will not be considered part of the Minutes of the Assembly unless the Assembly decides to do so when it convenes. 

 Annual Budgets. Ordinarily, the budgets approved by the 47th General Assembly would continue as the approved budgets for each Committee and Agency for 2021.

 Permanent Committee Coordinators. The coordinators approved by the 47th General Assembly remain approved for  those positions until the 48th General Assembly convenes. If a coordinator position becomes vacant before the 48th General Assembly is able to meet, the Committee would be able to appoint a provisional replacement (RAO 4-17).  Agency Presidents and Executive Directors are elected by their respective Boards and are reported to the General Assembly but not elected by the General Assembly. 

Update on General Assembly (3/17)


Dear PCA Members,

As news and guidance regarding COVID-19 spreads, the AC is working to reduce the exposure of our greatest resource, our people, while maintaining the infrastructure of the PCA.  We are experiencing the same fears, frustrations, concerns, and questions that you are in your churches, homes, and businesses.  As new information is gathered and guidelines are updated, we want to keep you informed of our work and provide you with resources and encouragement.  And we want to answer your questions.

General Assembly – We are hoping to still have General Assembly in June.  We are working closely with the host committee and our local contacts and are hopeful that these new measures of increased public confinement and quarantine will help reduce the spread of this disease.  We are cautious and do not want to risk infection nor public speculation and condemnation, and will remain ready to make further arrangements if our current plans are not wise in coming months.  As decisions are made, we will post them through byFaith online, on our website, and on the General Assembly Facebook page.

The PCA founding fathers made plans and rules for times like these.  RAO 10-6 gives authority to the current General Assembly Moderator, the PCA Stated Clerk, and the Administrative Committee to make alternative arrangements in case of extraordinary events or unusual circumstances.  While we find ourselves in these extraordinary and unusual times, we believe it is wise to wait, continue gathering counsel and guidance, before making any further decision on the General Assembly.  We hope you will pray with us as we make these decisions.

Other Committees leading to General Assembly – We are now planning the upcoming Nominating Committee, Administrative Committee, and Committee on Constitutional Business meetings to meet virtually.  While we know that face-to-face meetings are ideal, and we cherish the ability to be in fellowship with our fellow believers while making important decisions on behalf of the PCA, we also believe it wise to heed health and governmental authority wisdom at this time.  We are working diligently on preparing platforms and technology that will help make these meetings fruitful.

Our Churches – As many of our church gatherings are reduced, cancelled, or moved online, we grieve and pray with you.  We hope that our fellowship will be returned to full force soon, and we are thankful for the many ways technology still allows us to gather, hear the Word preached, and see the Gospel spread.

To aid churches, we have also published some practical considerations for local churches as they make decisions regarding assemblies and activities.

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