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10 Must-Read byFaith Articles

We created byFaith to help readers see the ways our Reformed faith is expressed and applied throughout the churches and members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). PCA congregants live, work, and worship in rural towns, large cities, and outlying suburbs from coast to coast. As a result, no two churches look the same as they seek to bear witness to Christ in their unique community.

ByFaith provides readers small glimpses of what God is doing in and through the PCA. It also provides an opportunity for pastors and leaders to help the members of our denomination to think biblically about issues of our own day. The publication is developed under the care of the PCA Administrative Committee.

We asked byFaith’s Editor, Richard Doster, to pick ten of his favorite articles and interviews from the past few years. What follows is a list of thoughtful pieces covering a wide range of topics: living faithfully in a pandemic, the consequences of a post-truth society, knowing and loving transgendered men and women, our shifting attitudes towards death, and more. We encourage you to read through the articles that interest or challenge you most, and invite you to join us in praying for our denomination and the Administrative Committee as it continues to faithfully serve those within and without our community.

Fix Marriage, and We Fix the Fractured Family

By Dan Zink

This is a great article by CTS professor Dan Zink defending the nuclear family and—in a biblical and counter-cultural way—discussing how attitudes about marriage (commitment, devotion, selflessness) are central to a thriving culture. 

Our Faith is Being Tested, and is On Display

By Nancy Guthrie 

In our February 2020 issue, Life in the Time of the Pandemic, we featured dozens of personal and theological responses to the pandemic, like this one from Nancy Guthrie. It may have been our most important issue to date.

Our Unquenchable Appetite for Excellence

By Melissa Morgan Kelley

Melissa’s fantastic piece begs the question: Might our innate longing for beauty and excellence point us toward the Author of all that is beautiful and good? Toward God, our Master Craftsman? 

Embodied Hope: A Conversation with Kelly Kapic

By Richard Doster

This is an insightful conversation with Covenant College professor Kelly Kapic on his book, Embodied Hope: A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering.

Post-Truth (And Consequences)

By Phil Mobley 

A timely piece dealing with the phenomenon of fake news and the importance of truth. 

Making Sense of Transgenderism

By Megan Fowler

This 2014 article helped PCA members learn more about and relate compassionately to transgendered men and women.

Everyday Evangelism: A Conversation with John Leonard

By Richard Doster

I really enjoyed this interview with Philadelphia pastor John Leonard on his book, Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day. It’s the best book on evangelism I’ve ever read. 

The Death of the Funeral

By Susan Fikse

Susan’s article examines our culture’s shifting attitude toward death, funerals, and “celebration of life” ceremonies. It’s an honest look at a subject we don’t think about enough.

Facing Vaccine Fear

By Zoe S. Erler and Megan Fowler

A thoughtful, honest appraisal of the pros and cons of the COVID vaccine. For this piece, Zoe and Megan relied heavily on interviews with Covenant College professors.

Care for Women in Crisis

By Nancy Franson

I like this piece because it shows how the denomination is adapting, biblically, to counsel and comfort hurting women. The Help[H]er ministry is innovative, responsive, loving, and biblical.

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