Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

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Looking to give by check?

Send your contribution to the AC by making your check payable to:

PCA Administrative Committee
1700 North Brown Road
Suite 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

You can also send your giving to any or all of the General Assembly Committees and Agencies by check.  Send your funds to:

Presbyterian Church in America
1700 North Brown Road
Suite 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Be sure to include your distribution with your check, or mark in the memo line “Distribute by Partnership Shares”.

For the latest Partnership Share (or PCA “Askings”) percentages, please click here:  PARTNERSHIP SHARES

Why should we give to the PCA?

You may be asking…

  • Why do we need General Assembly ministries anyway?
  • Wouldn’t we do better to support the ministries of our own local church, or independent (parachurch) ministries?
  • Can you show me from Scripture why my church should participate in the Partnership Share program?
  • Does our church have any “say” in how the Partnership Share funds are used?
  • Can we be sure our funds are being used in the way we understand they are being used?
  • We want our gifts to go to “front-line” and “cutting-edge” ministries.  Aren’t Partnership Share funds used primarily for administrative costs?
  • What is administration, anyway?

Find out by reading our Challenge to Partnership!

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