Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

Click below for the latest version of the Book of Church Order (BCO):

Book of Church Order
Book of Church Order, Korean Translation

These downloads include:

  • Book of Church Order (BCO) – 2014 Reprint (Sixth Edition)
  • Rules of Assembly Operations (RAO)
  • Operating Manual of the Standing Judicial Commission (OMSJC)
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the Presbyterian Church in America (A Corporation)
  • Corporate Bylaws of the Presbyterian Church in America (A Corporation)
  • NAPARC Agreements

Included are all amendments approved up to and including the 42nd General Assembly, June 17-19, 2014, Houston, TX.

Note:  The 42nd General Assembly adopted amendments to the following sections of the BCO, RAO, and SJCM:

BCO 34-8; 37-6; 43-10
RAO 16-3.e.6 added; 16-3.e. 7, 8 renumbered; RAO 16-6.c.1
OMSJC No amendments were made to the OMSJC.

References to Committee on Christian Education and Publications (CEP) have been changed to Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) to reflect change adopted by the 42nd General Assembly: BCO 14-1.12; RAO 4-2; 5-1.b.1); 6-1; 14-1.2.

The following editorial corrections have also been made:
BCO 13-6; 39-3
RAO 11-5; 11-8
OMSJC 18.11; 18.12.b.(4)

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Presbyterian Church in America Administrative Committee