Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

To request or submit a CHURCH PROFILE FORM (CPF), please email

If you do not receive a reply to your email within one business week, please call our office (678-825-1000) for assistance, as your email may not have been received.  A PDF version of the CPF can be found here Please email to receive a copy in Word.

To post a job opening on the PCA Ministry Opportunity pages, please send a Word or PDF version of your position description to or download and complete the Ministry Opportunity Form and email a copy to 

Forms may be emailed to pastorsearch@pcanet.orgYou are not required to use our Ministry Opportunity forms.  You may also send a position description or announcement form of your own creation as a Word or PDF attachment.  For questions please contact the pastor search office at

1. “
PASTOR SEARCH PROCESS”  – A document designed by the Stated Clerk’s Office to guide you step by step through the process. In addition, you may use a Sample Outline for a Church Information Packet.

2.  “A Manual for Calling a Pastor” – Another document designed by the Stated Clerk’s Office to help in the pastoral search process.

3. The Process to Elect and Call a Pastor – This document contains the step by step process of the election and call of a pastor.

4.  PCA Call Package Guidelines – Through this document, the Administrative Committee of the PCA and PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. (RBI) seek to provide your church with best practice guidance regarding the content and structure of a minister’s compensation package. The document also provides instruction about other important issues affecting compensation and taxes as well as a number of helpful administrative forms. For questions regarding the PCA Call Package Guidelines, please call RBI at 800-789-8765.

5.  For a confidential pastoral compensation study, please contact stats@pcanet.orgPlease be sure to include your location, size of church, and the position you are looking to hire to ensure pertinent information is sent.

6.  Church Profile Form (CPF) – Please complete this form in order to receive Ministerial Data Forms.  If you would like a Word document of the CPF emailed to you, please contact us at


1.  “So You Need to Find a Pastor…” – A brochure published by Reformed Theological Seminary  

2.  Covenant Theological Seminary’s Placement Office.  Covenant Seminary will list your church’s opening on their website that is updated monthly.

3.  Westminster Theological Seminary’s Online Career Placement.  You can search resumes of candidates as well as list your church’s opening.

4.  Reformed Theological Seminary’s Placement Web Site.  You can list your full-time or part-time openings on their website.

5.  Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Open Pulpits.  Greenville Seminary will list your church’s opening on their website.  Go to their Open Pulpits Listing for information on posting a position.

6. is a useful website for churches looking to add ministry staff.  Search resumes, post your job opening, and view other helpful resources.

7.  PCA Ministry Opportunity web pages.  The PCA has two job opportunity pages for ministry positions.  Pastoral Job Positions (senior and solo pastors) and Ministry Job Positions (all other ministry positions), list vacant pulpit and vacant staff positions.  To list your vacant pulpit or staff position, please fill out the form by clicking here and email the form to

The work to which you have been called is critical in the life of your church. My staff and I pray for you in your desire to bring a shepherd to your congregation. As you transition from one phase of your congregation’s life to another, may you know the power of God’s presence each step of the way. When you find that person whom God has prepared to be your new leader, may you be a blessing in your ministry together.

The Pastor Search Office is available to assist you with the suggestion of names of potential pastors. If you desire this assistance, please complete and return a Church Profile Form (CPF). This form has been prepared to correspond with the Ministerial Data Form (MDF) that is completed and submitted to us by potential pastors. The information from your CPF will be activated and matched with the information from the MDFs that we have on file, and approximately ten or fifteen MDFs will be sent to you for your review. More names are often available at your request.

The selection of a minister for your congregation is a very personal matter and cannot be made simply through a database match-up. You, as the Pulpit Nominating Committee, will present your choice of a nominee to your congregation based on the information you gather, references with whom you talk, and your personal interviews. Please note that the MDFs that you receive do not constitute an endorsement by our office.

If there are any other ways in which this office can assist you in your search for a pastor, please feel free to call on us.

To receive packet of information on the pastor search process in the mail, which includes the Church Profile Form, please call the Stated Clerk’s Office/Administrative Committee at 678.825.1000, email Karen Cook at, or download them from this site.