Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

Committees of Commissioners Schedule – Coming soon!

Serving on a Committee of Commissioners (CoC) is one of the best ways to be involved at General Assembly! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and influence the work of the PCA.

What is the purpose of Committees of Commissioners?

Committees of Commissioners are designed as part of the checks and balances for the PCA. The CoCs review each ministry’s accomplishments and plans for the year, along with their reports and recommendations (included in the Commissioner Handbook). The CoCs, one for each PCA Committee and Agency, are made up of commissioners chosen by their presbyteries according to a formula in the Rules of Assembly Operation (RAO). Every presbytery may have a representative on each CoC.

How do I serve on a Committee of Commissioners? 

Notify your Presbytery Stated Clerk that you are registered as a commissioner and are willing to serve.

For presbytery clerks contact list, click here.

How long do I serve?

The CoCs only meet onsite during the week of General Assembly. The CoCs meet on Tuesday and then as needed during the remainder of the Assembly.

For more information on the CoCs, see RAO 14