Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

Overtures to the 2018 General Assembly will be posted as they are received.

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1 Calvary CCB, OC Solemnization of Marriage
2 Grace CCB, OC Amend BCO Chapter 59 and Grant Full Constitutional Authority
3 South Florida CCB, OC Amend BCO 32-19 to Allow Counsel by Any Communing Member in All Levels of Courts
4 Calvary CCB, OC Amend RAO 9-4 to Require Three REs on Each Ad Interim Committee
5 Calvary CCB, OC Revise BCO 59
6 Calvary CCB, OC Revise RAO 9 to Require that Recommendations from Ad Interim Committees Be Referred to OC
7 Calvary AC Reduce Assembly Registration Fee to $100 for Ruling Elders
8 Tennessee Valley CCB, OC Revise BCO 34-8 and 37-8 regarding Restoration of a Deposed Minister
9 Grace CCB, OC Amend BCO 9-7 Regarding Assistants to Deacons or Deaconesses and Amend BCO 24-11 by Adding New 24-11 regarding Women Officers
10 Evangel CCB, OC Amend BCO 25-11 to Require Thirty-Days’ Notice to Withdraw from PCA

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