Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

Overtures to the 2019 General Assembly will be posted as they are received.

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1 Northwest Georgia CCB, OC Revise BCO 14-12 to Permit Additional Ruling Elder Representation at the General Assembly
2 Northwest Georgia CTS, OC Encourage CTS toward Growth and Release from Assembly Oversight
3 Northern New England AC, CCB Amend RAO 10-3 to Promote the Exercise of Godly Prudence in Planning and Leading Times of Corporate Prayer and Worship at General Assembly
4 Calvary OC Declare the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood’s ‘Nashville Statement’ on Biblical Sexuality as a Biblically Faithful Declaration
5 Central Indiana CCB, OC Amend BCO 23-1 on Procedures for Dissolving Various Pastoral Relations
6 Pacific Northwest CCB, OC Amend RAO 11 and 13 to Disallow Memorials
7 Pacific Northwest CCB, OC, AC Form an Ad Interim Committee to Address Matters Related to Domestic Abuse, Domestic Oppression, and Sexual Assault
8 Ohio Valley CCB, OC Amend BCO 14-1.10, 14-1.11, and 14-1.12 to Allow Non-ordained Persons to serve on Committees and Boards
9 Platte Valley CCB, OC Amend BCO 42-4; 43-2; 43-3 regarding Method and Deadlines of Filing Cases
10 Northern New England OC, AC Appoint Ad Interim Committee on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault
11 Fellowship OC, AC, CDM, CC, RUF Commend and Distribute RPCNA’s ‘Contemporary Perspectives on Sexual Orientation: A Theological and Pastoral Analysis'”

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