Presbyterian Church in America: Administrative Committee

The PCA Administrative Committee is committed to the goal of making it possible for more small churches to send commissioners to General Assembly. Consistent with that goal, General Assembly commissioner scholarships for registration will be made available on a limited basis, dependent on contributions made for this purpose.

Scholarships will partially defray the costs of registration for small churches that would not otherwise be able to send a Ruling Elder or Teaching Elder to General Assembly.

The intent of this program is to assist as many churches as possible to be represented at the PCA General Assembly. The fund is also designed to encourage Ruling Elder participation. Churches with an annual income less than $150,000 will be given priority in the selection.

Scholarship recipients must be either Teaching or Ruling Elders from PCA churches with annual income under $150,000

To be eligible, Elders must also meet the following criteria:

  • Use low cost housing options such as Host Housing or sharing a hotel guest room with another commissioner
  • Willingness to seek cost effective modes of transportation to General Assembly, such as sharing rides
  • Volunteer to help with the work of the Office of the Stated Clerk while at General Assembly. Some examples of volunteering needs include serving as a floor clerk, ushering, serving communion, and helping to unpack and pack the General Assembly truck

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the following steps:

  • Complete the Scholarship Application.
  • Have the application form signed by your Clerk of Presbytery and your Clerk of Session
  • Submit the form by May 4, 2018, to the Office of the Stated Clerk via email or postal service


Mail: Administrative Committee
Presbyterian Church in America
1700 N Brown Rd, Ste 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

If you have questions regarding eligibility or completing the scholarship application form, please contact us at

Scholarships are need-based and available on a limited basis dependent on contributions made for this purpose.

The deadline to submit a scholarship application is May 4, 2018.