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Report of the PCA GA Ad Interim Committee on Insider Movements – Part Two

July 1, 2013KarenNews

The Ad Interim Study Committee on Insider Movements has released “A Call to Faithful Witness – Part Two – “Theology, Gospel Missions, and Insider Movements,” a partial report to the 41st General Assembly.

Please click here to read Part II, “Theology, Gospel Missions, and Insider Movements.”

Please click here to read Part I, a partial report to the 40th General Assembly, “Like Father, Like Son: Divine Familial Language in Bible Translation.”

Ad Interim Committee on Insider Movements in Islam

The 39th Assembly formed a committee to study Insider Movements in Islam and Bible translation.  The so-called Insider Movement is composed of people who assert that they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but remain in the Muslim religious community.  The Bible translation challenge is how to present the Lord Jesus Christ as God the Son without any idea of sexual union between God the Father and Mary.  

  • The Ad Interim Committee presented a partial report in 2012 entitled “Part One – Like Father, Like Son: Divine Familial Language in Bible Translation.”  The Assembly does not adopt the extensive narrative text of reports which are for information and study.  The Assembly adopts only the recommendations of a report, (RONR [11th ed.] pp. 507-508).  The 40th General Assembly adopted a recommendation that, “since social familial terms fail to capture the biblical meaning of ‘Son’ (huios) and ‘Son of God’ (huios tou theou) applied to Jesus and ‘Father’ (pater) applied to God, Bibles should always translate divine familial names using common biological terms.” 
  • The Committee presented to this year’s Assembly the second part of its report entitled “Part Two –Theology, Gospel Missions, and Insider Movements.”  A minority report sought to add more study materials.  There was debate over the use of the Arabic term allah (God) by Arabic-speaking Christians.  The Assembly recommitted the report, Part Two, along with the minority report, to the committee, which is to submit a final report in 2014.

The committee is to be funded by designated gifts sent to the Administrative Committee.